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Monday, November 10, 2003  

I've finished all my uni exams as of this moment. (well, for this year anyway.) I drove through the city yesterday. What a frustrating operation that is. When it takes 10 minutes to get 100 meters, road rage makes sense. The lights are the most frustrating thing, because they seemed to always be red as i reached them. Grr. Last week i had to drive through the city and it took me half an hour to get through the centre. Were talking a 5 minute drive with little traffic. 10 minutes at one intersection, because there was no turn arrow. Just makes you mad. Me mad. I'm not used to waiting that long, being a country girl and all.
I'm moving out this weekend and going home. What a relief. To be home will be mixed emotions, great to be back, and great to be amongst family, but my house isn't the tidiest place in the world. Source of eternal frustration that it can't be organised a little better. Its always been this way. I have to try and train myself in keeping tidy.
Looking foward now to a trip to queensland with my family. our first queensland holiday. going to most of the theme parks, but not wet and wild cause my sister is alergic to chlorine. But there is plenty of room at the beach, and no cues to wait in line for. My sister is coming down on friday afternoon, and we'll go shopping for new bathers which will be great. I have been talking about little else for a few weeks. Its all good at the moment...hope it stays that way for a while.

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Tuesday, November 04, 2003  

My home sickness has gone somewhat. It was so good to go home finally, you know how when you are a little depressed and then just a string of little things make it worse, and then finally you start interpretating things in the worst way. It was all making me a little crazy. This guy at work, he is the worst i swear...he is so damn important. He doesn't shower i swear. He is trying to make me stay in melbourne to work over christmas, when all i want to do is go home for a while. I was going to cry with frustration that he doesn't understand.

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