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Thursday, August 21, 2003  

Its nearly september, but I can't really fathom how it came to be so. Time really flies, and now I hav nearly finished a year at uni already. The work this semester is not much harder, just a little more of it and some different techniques concepts to work out in my head. Like 7th chords. They really suck.
Things with mark in shepp have worked out wonderfully. We hate being apart, I hate being apart. I count the days down silently till he will come and see me again. He keeps talking about a suprise he has for me. Well now i have a suprise for him too. so there. I walked past a lingerie shop today and saw something in the window I instantly liked. A pink frilly little nightie that I had to go try on and then buy. When I go back to look at things I know that I should really get it.

posted by Sarah | 12:00:00 AM